A New Garage Door is What’s “Going Down”

Because garage doors can take up the bulk of your home’s facade, they play the biggest role in curb appeal. Today’s discerning homeowners want stylish and energy-efficient designs. Our collections offer you both.

Owners of older homes can have several projects vying for their budget and often make their choices early in the year. So choosing what to tackle will probably come down to what you get for your investment. According to the current Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, a new garage door is the only home improvement project that climbed in return value from last year’s report – up to 98% ROI. It’s no wonder a new garage door is what’s “going down”.

If you are ready to make the neighbors jealous with a new garage door, your choices are better than ever. Our many collections offer literally thousands of combinations of styles, colors, materials, and hardware. To help make it an easy process, you will want to schedule a free estimate with one of our In Home Consultants.

Your consultant will walk you through choosing the right door to meet your needs and your budget. We make it easy to visualize your dream door. Using our interactive design software, you will see what your door choices look like on your home before you purchase.

“They took a picture of the front of our house and then showed us how the different door options would look. They also recommended some black hardware which until I saw the picture of our house with their doors and hardware I would have never chosen.” -Jill R.