Give Me a Break!

This month’s entry is more of a cautionary tale. If this has happened to you, we want you to know we feel your pain and you aren’t alone.

Colder weather has arrived.  This means every morning our highly trained technicians are preparing to become heroes. Calls flood into the office from distressed homeowners who find themselves stranded at home. Their car is trapped because the garage door won’t move. Another hero is on the way.

Every winter we see an increase in broken garage door springs when cold sets in. If your opener hums but the door doesn’t move, you may have a broken spring. The springs live in a state of tension as the garage door sits closed. The tension is what helps the door roll up when the opener is engaged.

“There is no way to know when it’s going to happen,” says our garage door technician, Brian C. ”I can’t look at the spring and tell you it’s getting close to breaking.”

The prolonged cold (or hot) can bring a stressed, cracked spring to its final demise. It’s taking homeowners everywhere by surprise. So the moral of this tale is - we recommend having our number close at hand just in case you need a hero.

Or, schedule service here.